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Google implements new security and AI features in Chrome browser

Google implements new security and AI features in Chrome browser

The Google Chrome browser is getting new security and AI features. More risky requests based on the HTTP protocol will now be upgraded to the HTTPS protocol by default. In addition, the browser may get a built-in AI tool for text rewriting.

Google has been adding new functionality to its Google Chrome browser in recent months and is rapidly implementing a variety of improvements to do so.

Automatic upgrade to HTTPS protocol

Among other things, the tech giant recently implemented an HTTPS Upgrades feature. That converts requests based on the old and insecure HTTP protocol entirely automatically to secure HTTPS requests.

More specifically, when a link using the http:// connection gets opened, the URL connection is automatically switched to the https:// connection. When this is not possible, it automatically switches back to HTTP. The old protocol is not preferred because it is more insecure.

AI tool for rewriting texts

In addition to the automatic protocol update for the Chrome browser, end users think they have discovered that Google will soon integrate a (generative) AI tool for rewriting texts. Evidence of the tool’s existence was found in the code review tool Chrome Gerrit and the Chrome browser’s test environment, Chrome Canary.

Een schermafdruk van een code-editor.

The AI tool should help desktop Chrome users rewrite selected pieces of text. Consider tone of voice, length of text or type of text as information the tool can rewrite. In doing so, it should be possible to adopt, reject or modify the AI suggestions. It is obviously very similar to the Copilot functionality now available in Microsoft Edge.

The feature should become available for iOS and Android in addition to a PC version. Also, the feature should start supporting other languages besides English. When and if the AI tool will become available is not known.

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