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Tanium improves platform with insight and management updates

Tanium improves platform with insight and management updates

Tanium has updated its platform and portfolio to provide more speed, simplicity and scale regarding endpoint management and security. The company has launched version 7.4 of its Core Platform.

The Core Platform is a unified endpoint management and security platform, which should bring an end to the need to deploy different point solutions.

According to Pete Constantine, Tanium Chief Product Officer, a majority of companies are struggling to gain end-to-end visibility into endpoints and the overall health of their IT systems. Without full visibility and control, IT teams are opening up to cyber attacks and other forms of disruption. Relying on point solutions only makes this worse.

Tanium Core 7.4

Tanium’s platform solves that problem by providing capabilities to meet the various security and compliance requirements set by different parties. The platform also has the ability to manage and secure endpoints both on premise and in the cloud.

Tanium Core Platform 7.4 has received a large number of updates for better user experience, enabling security and operations professionals to make decisions based on data from the Tanium platform.

They can also run new Role-Based Access Control and use enhanced security to better support off-network and cloud-hosted instances.

Improved management

Tanium has also implemented updates to enable better management of cloud endpoints. For example, users can now get insights into unmanaged virtual machines in cloud environments, as well as an enhanced asset inventory and reporting on cloud infrastructure.

Another update gives users instant knowledge about which containers are running in public and private cloud environments. In addition, there is improved support for configuring, reporting and implementing security and other configuration policies across a wide range of operating systems. This includes Windows and macOS.

The updates have not been made available immediately, but will be rolled out from the beginning of 2020.