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Currency Exchange Travelex paid 2.3 million dollars to cybercriminals after a ransomware attack. Travelex’s systems were encrypted by ransomware in early January. The company has paid the cyber criminals in question to recover lost data, according to sources from The Wall Street Journal.

Not only were large parts of Travelex’s systems encrypted by ransomware, but a lot of customer data was captured. The cybercriminals allegedly wanted $3 million in exchange for the stolen data and the key to the encrypted files. In the end, an amount of 2.3 million dollars was paid by Travelex.

The company was hit by the Sodinokibi ransomware. Because of this, many systems had to be offline. As a result, the online services of Travelex could not be used for a few weeks. The physical exchange offices did remain operational, albeit with some limitations for customers.

Travelex did not respond to the leaked information. The company is awaiting the results of an ongoing investigation before issuing any explanations to the media.