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The two companies are launching a combined security platform designed for smart cameras and buildings access control.

Openpath this week announced a new Video Management System (VMS) partnership integration with Cisco Meraki.

Openpath is a leader in touchless, modern access control and workplace safety automation. Their cloud-based platform delivers a centralized enterprise-grade access control system that customers can manage remotely from anywhere in the world.

Now Openpath’s access control capabilities will join with Cisco Meraki’s cloud-based technology. This includes smart camera intelligence that delivers data and analytics to “help users make smarter business decisions,” the company says.

Combining forces to deliver “simplicity and security”

“Physical security needs have significantly evolved in the last decade, becoming more and more complex,” said Bret Hull, Chief Technology Officer for Cisco Meraki.

“Our partnership with Openpath enables our end customers to use two complementary portfolios, rooted in shared beliefs of simplicity and security, helping them better secure and safeguard their infrastructure.”

Alex Kazerani, CEO and Co-Founder of Openpath, echoed Hull’s sentiments. “It is more important than ever that organizations have flexible and agile platforms that can be quickly adapted to meet the security needs of today and tomorrow,” he said.

“Traditional, on-premise security systems don’t make this easy, but our smart, cloud-based technology does,” he said.

Delivering “best-of-breed systems” to secure and safeguard

Saralyn Dasig, Product Marketing Manager for Cisco Meraki, spotlighted the combined offering in a blog post this week. “What Meraki has done for security cameras, Openpath has done for physical access control,” she writes. “This integration combines  best-of-breed systems to secure and safeguard your organization.”

The integrated solution will be powered by the Meraki cloud platform. It will provide open APIs and a rich ecosystem of apps and partners across IoT and networking domains. The Openpath platform also has an open API architecture, like Meraki.

“This partnership gives organizations the benefit of a more complete, agile platform, which improves security and efficiency across the board,” said Openpath President James Segil.

For example, customers can apply this new solution to a wide range of use cases. These include asset protection, emergency lockdown, social distancing, compliance auditing, business intelligence, and more.