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Trend Micro expands its XDR offering with Vision One

Trend Micro expands its XDR offering with Vision One

The new offering aims to give security operations teams relief from “alert overload”

Trend Micro this week announced a new security services platform they say will make the work of SecOps teams more effective.

The new platform, Trend Micro Vision One, has extended detection and response (XDR) at its core. But it also offers additional capabilities to help security teams to see more and respond faster, the company says.

Organizations are struggling with siloed tools, disjointed alerts and stealthy, sophisticated threats, according to Trend Micro. They claim to have helped hundreds of organizations identify and reduce cyber risk by correlating alerts. They accomplished this thanks to their “industry-first” XDR solution launched in 2019.

Now Trend Micro aim to solve more complex security challenges with enhanced XDR, new risk visibility and new third-party integrations. They also offer simplified response to threats across security layers.

Rescuing overloaded security operations teams

With Trend Micro Vision One, organizations can maximize efficiency, according to the company. They do this by making less sophisticated security resources operate at a more expert level, they say.

The new platform allows teams to faster dissect security incidents. It also helps them identify critical threat patterns and complex attacks and understand their overall security posture and trends. All this allows organizations to proactively identify and assess potential security risks, says Trend Micro.

“Standing upon three decades of innovation, Trend Micro was at the forefront of the fast-growing XDR space. But as XDR solutions flood the market, we are going further and offering more,” said Trend Micro COO, Kevin Simzer.

“Our Trend Micro Vision One platform helps make good security teams great by easily identifying critical needs and enabling quick actions. This threat defense platform will continue to evolve in response to the changing threat landscape, and the infrastructure of our customers.”

In addition to the layered security provided by Vision One, customers can connect this new platform into other security technologies. Examples include third-party endpoint protection platforms and SIEM and SOARs. These include new integrations with Fortinet, Microsoft Sentinel and Splunk just to name a few.