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Their new security features will allow organizations to speed up damage assessment and recovery from ransomware attack.

Rubrik announced a suite of major data security features this week. These features enable organizations around the world to easily and accurately assess the impact of ransomware attacks and automate recovery operations to maintain business continuity.

Digital transformation has accelerated as a direct result of the pandemic, Rubrik says. And this has caused ransomware threats to escalate exponentially. With more remote working, attackers found more digital surface areas within businesses to infiltrate.

The company cites Bitdefender’s 2020 Mid-Year Threat Landscape Report to make its point. The total number of global ransomware reports increased more than 715% from 2019 to 2020, according to the study.

Merging Data Security with Threat Protection

“There has never been a greater need to protect and quickly recover from rising cyber threats like ransomware, which are devastating businesses on a daily basis,” said Dan Rogers, President of Rubrik.

“Rubrik continues to lead the Cloud Data Management industry and innovate to address new and evolving data risks, allowing for quick recovery from attacks and protection of precious IP, no matter where the data is stored.” 

Rubrik converges modern data management with advanced data security and threat protection, they say. This helps them deliver data with built-in cyber resilience to help organizations.

Rubrik turns Disaster Recovery into a SaaS Service

Rubrik also announced AppFlows, the company’s new disaster recovery (DR) solution. It enables IT teams to leverage their existing investments in backup systems. This helps avoid the need to deploy and manage additional infrastructure to deliver business continuity according to Rubrik.

AppFlows are managed via a SaaS-based control plane. They leverage application blueprints to enable reliable failover in the event of a data center outage. Applications in a VMware environment can failover to a secondary site, or to VMware Cloud on AWS for maximum flexibility.

This, says Rubrik, allows AppFlows to make it cost-effective to bring disaster recovery to the full portfolio of enterprise applications.