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Hackers gained undiscovered access to a server of the Japanese tech group Panasonic for a significant amount of time. This was discovered by the Japanese public broadcaster NHK. Specifically, the event involved an attack by hackers on a server in which a lot of confidential information was stored.

According to the Japanese public broadcaster, hackers gained unauthorized access to the server of Japanese tech organization Panasonic. The server contained confidential information concerning Panasonic’s technology, information about partners and personal data of employees. The Japanese broadcaster notes that the data leak occurred as early as June 2021. From June 22 onwards, unauthorized access to the server was allegedly sought up to three times.

Disclosure and response

Panasonic states it discovered the data breach on November 11. The tech group discovered the data leak through internal network monitoring. According to experts, this means that there is more to it than just a compromised server.

An investigation has since been launched. A specialist was hired to investigate the hacking attack and the data leak. Regulators have been notified.

Data breach in 2020

Pansonic has been more alert to data breaches since its India facility was hit by data theft and extortion last year. In October 2020, the organization had to pay as much as 440,000 euros ($500,000) in ransom to hackers for preventing stolen data from being made public. The tech group did not pay, upon which 4GB of confidential data was made public in November 2020. The data included account balances with vendors, bank account numbers, accounting spreadsheets, lists of passwords for sensitive software systems and email addresses.

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