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SoftwareONE and Salt Security launch a partnership. SoftwareONE becomes the provider of Salt Security’s API Protection Platform.

An API allows two applications or workloads to communicate with each other. Indispensable for modern software development, but difficult to secure. While measures such as Web Application firewalls and API Gateways can protect connections, a secure environment is only guaranteed if the measures are applied consistently. That isn’t always the case. Oversight is easily lost.

Salt Security develops a solution to the problem. The API Protection Platform creates an overview of active APIs, recognizes attacks on API connections, and provides insights that help developers build a secure foundation in the long term.

Salt Security and SoftwareONE

SoftwareONE is including the API Protection Platform in its offering. The organization will deliver, implement and manage the solution for customers. Salt Security remains responsible for developing the technology.

The market for API security is growing rapidly. By partnering with Salt Security, SoftwareONE gains a share. Recently, we spoke with Noname Security, another fast-growing entity in the API security market.