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Intel expands its Bug Bounty program, brings together elite hackers

Intel expands its Bug Bounty program, brings together elite hackers

Intel has extended its bounty program. With the help of the latest security advancements and a community of professional hackers, Intel wants to redefine vulnerability management.

Project Circuit Breaker gathers hackers to look for flaws in graphics processing units, firmware, processors, hypervisors, and other software. But that’s not it; it will build on Intel’s current bug bounty program by hosting time-boxed activities on particular new technologies and platforms. And this will benefit from further training and hands-on cooperation with Intel experts.

The goal of Project Circuit Breaker is to establish a more cohesive and diverse security structure that is adequately prepared to solve the industry’s most significant pressing security challenges. On the other hand, Intel claims that by providing new training, challenges, and unfettered access to initial products and Intel experts, the project will direct the community’s skills into areas with the highest impact.

What the director of the program has to say

According to the director of Bug Bounty and the Intel Product Security Incident Response team, Katie Nobel:

“This program is part of our effort to meet security researchers where they are and create more meaningful engagement. We invest in and host bug bounty programs because they attract new perspectives on how to challenge emerging security threats – and Project Circuit Breaker is the next step in collaborating with researchers to strengthen the industry’s security assurance practices, especially when it comes to hardware.”

Project Circuit Breaker’s first event

The inaugural Project Circuit Breaker event, Camping with Tigers, has already begun, with 20 researchers receiving computers equipped with Intel Core i7 CPUs. The campaign, which runs until the end of May, provides reward increments at three different milestones for qualified vulnerabilities.

Vice president and general manager of Client Security Strategy & Initiatives at Intel., Tom Garrison, explained,

“Camping with Tigers – our first event under Project Circuit Breaker – brings together world-class security researchers and our own product engineers to deepen testing and improve resiliency on our 11th Gen Intel Core processors. As we aim to develop the most comprehensive security features, we also realize the incredible value of deeper collaborations with the community to identify potential vulnerabilities and mitigate them for the ongoing improvement of our products.”

The future belongs to project circuit breaker

Project Circuit Breaker will be an addition to Intel’s current bug bounty system, compensating researchers for discovering new vulnerabilities. In 2021, the Intel Bug Bounty project disclosed 97 out of 113 independently discovered vulnerabilities in Intel processors.

The Intel Hardware Security Academic Award initiative, which recognizes outstanding innovators for unique research with a severe influence on the industry, is part of Intel’s dedication to security. Additionally, its security professionals also participate in the Bug Bounty Community of Interest, a platform for bug bounty managers, security researchers, and vendors. This is the FIRST Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams.