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Auto parts manufacturer Denso fell victim to a cyber attack. Today, the organization announced that cybercriminals penetrated the German company network on March 10. According to Denso, worldwide production is unaffected.

Denso produces automotive components for big names such as Toyota, Honda and Ford. In 2021, the organization posted sales of more than 40 billion euros.

Denso has more than 100 factories worldwide. The German offices and factories are connected to a national network. Today, Denso announced that the network was infiltrated on March 10.

Denso says nothing, Pandora lays claim

Denso detected several unauthorized devices. The devices were removed from the network as quickly as possible. According to the organization, the impact was limited to one or more German locations. Production in Germany and other countries is said to be unaffected.

Denso says it’s cooperating with German authorities and cybersecurity specialists, but doesn’t disclose any information on the attack type, damage or motive. Ransomware group Pandora claims to be responsible. The cybercriminals used a leak site to announce the encryption of 1.4TB of data.

Ransomware groups use leak sites to openly pressure victims. Often, the cybercriminals include a sample of the stolen files. Pandora’s sample includes purchase orders, technical drawings and NDA agreements. Although Pandora claims the data stems from the attack on Denso, the origin is yet to be confirmed.

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