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CrowdStrike is revamping its partner program. Organizations that provide the company’s security software as a service are eligible for the CrowdStrike Powered Service Provider program, a model with new license bundles, discounts and support.

CrowdStrike is one of the largest security vendors today. Its value rose by nearly 400 percent between January 2020 and January 2022. The organization provides a broad portfolio of security products, including extended detection and response (XDR), cloud security, and identity and access management.

Organizations can purchase the products directly from CrowdStrike, but partners are an important part of the mix. Some products are complex, and some organizations lack the manpower to implement or manage the technology on their own. For them, partners provide a solution.

CrowdStrike’s products are included in the services of various telecom providers, system integrators, software vendors and managed service providers (MSPs). These service providers are eligible for CrowdStrike’s long-standing partner program. The organization recently announced an update to its program.

CrowdStrike Powered Service Provider

The new CrowdStrike Powered Service Provider (CPSP) program offers additional license bundles, discounts and support for service providing partners. In addition to composite license bundles, partners can provide their customers with individual components of CrowdStrike’s Falcon security platform. CrowdStrike shared the news at Fal.Con 2022, its annual conference.

In addition, CPSP partners receive discounts on several license bundles and add-ons for CrowdStrike Falcon. The more a partner purchases, the higher the discounts become. The largest partners are eligible for the Elite program, which includes additional discounts, technical support and consulting.

Elite partners

Among the first Elite partners are Deloitte, Orange Cyberdefense and Cyber Defense Labs. The organizations incorporate CrowdStrike’s technology into their own security solutions. CrowdStrike helps the partners with flexible licensing and integration support.

Combining CrowdStrike’s Falcon platform with Cyber Defense Labs’ cybersecurity solutions enables us to stop breaches in real time, as well as maintain our forward-looking approach to protecting organizations from sophisticated cyberthreats they face today and in the future”, Cyber Defense Labs CEO Robert Anderson commented.

“SMB customers are particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks and need cybersecurity solutions that constantly adapt as the threats evolve”, said Benjamin Serre, Chief Development Officer at Orange Cyberdefense France. “We are delighted to have chosen CrowdStrike for Cyber Protection, our managed services.”

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