Samsung presents High Resolution Monitor S8 at CES 2022

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Samsung announces the High Resolution Monitor S8. The model will be presented in full at CES 2022.

The High Resolution Monitor S8 (named S80PB) comes in two versions: 27- or 32-inch. As is inherent to the series, Samsung promises relatively high resolutions for the models’ screen sizes. The exact specifications are unclear at this time. Samsung states that the monitor is well-suited for digital designers.

The High Resolution Monitor S8 offers light reflection prevention to reduce distractions from reflecting light in an environment.

Docking station functionality

Both 27- and 32-inch models feature USB-C and LAN ports. Users gain a simple workstation that can charge devices like laptops and cell phones without the need for a separate docking station. A height-adjustable and VESA-compatible mount can adapt the monitor to most office environments.

The model will be presented at CES 2022. Its release date is unknown at this time.

Tip: Samsung’s multipurpose Smart Monitor lineup is getting enhanced