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The manufacturing industry is changing fast. Modern manufacturing must be simple, agile, and intelligent to remain competitive. A digital transformation seems, therefore, necessary for success. However, the potential of technology in manufacturing isn’t always fully utilised. The right choices improve workflows and productivity.

While the need for digital transformation seems to be clear to manufacturing companies, legacy operations, siloed systems, and manual processes stand in the way. And between today’s uncertain global marketplace, frequent threats and disruptions, and the rapid shift to remote work – operational resilience is more critical than ever. Plus, supply chain partners and distributors now expect greater transparency and seamless processes so that they can ultimately deliver quality service to end-users.

Digital transformation is imperative for business growth and also survival. True digital transformation is only achieved when manufacturers connect operations, drive productivity, optimise supply chain collaboration, and innovate new products. The right technology unified systems, data, and teams in one place, changing how work gets done. This way, manufacturers gain the resilience and speed they need to deliver results and create opportunities for new business.

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