What does your workplace look like? Which devices do you use on a daily basis to do your work? Most employees just use a laptop and a smartphone but there are many more devices you can use, or you can use them differently.

Setting up a good workplace environment for your employees is neglected a lot among companies. If we look at what kind of devices companies buy for their employees, some really have no idea what they are doing.

You don’t hand out five-year-old 17-inch laptops to employees who travel a lot. It maybe sounds stupid to you, but it happens a lot. Or companies who keep buying cheap laptops with awfull screens that will ruin the eyes of their employees. Or just not buying any devices and letting employees work with devices that are 5 to 10 years old. Many companies simply don’t see the benefits of investing in a good workplace.

If you hand out newer devices your employees will be happier, they can work faster, they can work more efficiently, and they don’t stand at the coffee machine because their computer needs to startup the first 15 minutes of every day.

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