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Ministry stops failed Deloitte project of 4.5 million euros

Ministry stops failed Deloitte project of 4.5 million euros

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management has pulled the plug on the DigiInhuur project. Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen states that Deloitte did not deliver the project – in which 4.5 million euros has already been invested – on time and that her patience is now over.

DigiInhuur was to become a system that would enable the hiring of externals by government agencies. The system was developed by Deloitte, but everything went wrong, writes RTL Z.

For example, the development of the system took longer than initially planned. The costs also increased considerably. Where costs of EUR 4.3 million were initially taken into account, the final figure was EUR 7.8 million.

Multiple steps taken

Last year, the BIT ICT Review Office warned that the project was in jeopardy. The project was adapted on the basis of advice from the agency and the project budget was reduced. The budget would now be EUR 6 million, of which EUR 4.5 million has already been invested. Deloitte also promised that the project would be completed on 22 March.

The 22nd of March has been a while ago and the project has still not been completed. In a letter to the Lower House of Parliament, Minister van Nieuwenhuizen writes that Deloitte, after missing the deadline, was given a month’s delay to complete the project. That didn’t work either.

On 4 June, the Minister decided to investigate the state of affairs and to reflect on the measures to be taken. After having examined the state of affairs in more detail, I have decided to dissolve the agreement.

Deloitte liable for delay

It is unclear whether there will be any further steps from the ministry. Deloitte had already been held liable for the delay. It is not known how much Deloitte has to pay from the Ministry.

Deloitte wouldn’t respond to RTL Z. A ministry spokesman couldn’t give an immediate answer.

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