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‘Dutch politicians don’t know enough about AI’

‘Dutch politicians don’t know enough about AI’

Dutch IT professionals are unhappy about the level of knowledge about AI in their government. The PanelWizard team performed the research, commissioned by NTT DATA.

The researchers also found out that two in five IT professionals think AI will totally change our lives. A total of 500 people participated in the survey.

To be precise, 71% of those surveyed think the Dutch government should be better informed about artificial intelligence developments.


Especially in recent months, AI has become a hot topic. In late 2022, ChatGPT captured the imagination of many, even though the underlying technology of large language models still has all kinds of limitations. It is, therefore, undeniable that governments are well informed about the latest developments. In addition, EU policymakers are working extensively on AI legislation, which should be finalized this year.

According to the Director of Industry Netherlands at NTT DATA Berend ten Wolde, IT professionals are highly enthusiastic about AI. “There are many new technologies you can try out and implement as an organization. AI stands head and shoulders above these, according to the survey. IT professionals are waxing lyrical about it, despite the dangers regarding privacy or hacking for example, that are increasingly being cited. That is probably also where the critical note toward government comes from. The government must ensure that business is well informed about all developments and possible dangers that technologies bring. This also applies to AI.”

The survey also found that 37% of IT professionals think AI will be the most significant contributor to a new era within the IT industry. 36% believe AI will be the most critical technology in the business field in 10 years. By then, 29% of those surveyed also expect it to be the most widely used technology. Only 3% see AI disappearing quickly.

In short, AI is expected to become indispensable within the IT sector. Thus, the Dutch government will have to take quick steps to meet IT professionals’ expectations of political awareness. The same goes for political organizations around the world, needless to say.

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