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Microsoft and its developments in AI are very popular with investors. Recently, its highest share price ever meant the company recorded a record market value of a whopping $2.59 trillion.

Tech investors expect a lot from developments around AI. They see Microsoft as the current market leader in this field, partly due to its significant investment in OpenAI.

The push is aided primarily because of OpenAI’s recent upgrades around ChatGPT, now also available in Azure, and the AI enhancements of the Bing search engine.

Stock market darling

Banks and stock market analysts have come to appreciate Microsoft more as a result, Reuters writes. Tech investors are evidently keen on the tech giant’s fortunes because of its AI developments. Yesterday, Microsoft shares closed at $348.10 on the New York Stock Exchange, surpassing any previous value. By comparison, a share of Apple closed at $186.01.

The previous Microsoft record was $343.11 on Nov. 11, 2021. Over the past year, Microsoft shares have risen 45 per cent. The tech giant’s total market value finally came through yesterday’s share price at a record $2.59 trillion.

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