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ChatGPT Plus doubles the number of messages to send

ChatGPT Plus doubles the number of messages to send

Users of ChatGPT Plus can now send twice as many messages every three hours. The limit has been increased from 25 to 50 messages.

Doubling the message limit in ChatGPT Plus offers users many benefits. They now have to worry less about exceeding their limit and therefore engage in more deep conversations with the chat tool. This helps surface more information, dig into more complex topics and ultimately get better answers.

With the higher limit, the use of ChatGPT Plus and the underlying GPT-4 LLM model for customer service, market research, content creation and other work can also be improved. This enables users to accept more customer inquiries, produce longer AI-generated content and analyze data faster.

More plugin interaction and AI training

Expanding the number of messages also allows users to better experiment with various ChatGPT integrations, such as with Code Interpreter or the 7,000 other third-party plugins now running on GPT-4.

Furthermore, (AI) developers can use the expanded limit to train and fine-tune the underlying LLM model. More interactions yield more data that in turn should ultimately lead to better results and improvements.

Phased rollout

The raising of the limit is taking place in phases, according to several Twitter posts. Some users are now still seeing the old limit of 25 messages every three hours; others are already seeing 50 messages. A few were even offered a 200-message limit.

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