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Digital twin shows golf insights at The Open

Digital twin shows golf insights at The Open

The 151st Open is using NTT DATA’s new ShotView technology this year. The golf tournament will take place in Liverpool through Sunday.

NTT DATA has been providing technology to The Open for some time to provide fans with a better experience. Last year, for example, it introduced ShotView, a digital twin that allows the physical audience and home viewers to gain insight into millions of collected data points.

Interactive experience

During the current edition of the golf tournament, the interactive insights have been improved again. For example, the technology will be a bit more optimized for mobile platforms. Fans can dive further into the statistics and “analyse the play like never before.” This is thanks to higher-quality 3D images and a more interactive interface.

ShotView helps fans understand the sport and how golfers apply different strategies. For this, golfers are compared to each other, but also, for example, to other leagues and tournaments.

The insights are displayed in different ways. For example, interested fans can access the statistics through The Open’s website. Another presentation method is at the event itself, where a 20-meter-wide screen is present. The screen will provide a clear view of events during the tournament, showing live golf play.

In addition, NTT DATA will collaborate with other sponsors of The Open. This is to provide more sustainability insights. This could include live updates on water consumption, the number of plastic bottles saved and transportation use.

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