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AMD wants to keep up with Nvidia by acquiring AI software maker Nod.ai

AMD wants to keep up with Nvidia by acquiring AI software maker Nod.ai

AMD is interested in acquiring Nod.ai. The acquisition of this AI software maker could strengthen AMD’s position against Nvidia.

In an effort to strengthen its software in chips, AMD is seeking to acquire the start-up Nod.ai. The final agreement has already been signed, AMD announces. This is part of the overall way AMD hopes to strengthen its position. Victor Peng, president of AMD, told Reuters in an interview, “We are implementing that strategy through both internal investments and external acquisitions.”

The latter part of this strategy came to fruition earlier this year with the acquisition of Mipsology. That company also works around AI but specializes in AI inferencing.

Nod.ai already focused its portfolio on AMD chips

The start-up Nod.ai provides technologies for deploying AI models developed for AMD chips. Key customers of the AI software maker are large data centers. The deal is extremely interesting for the chipmaker as the technology was perfected for AMD chips.

“The addition of the talented Nod.ai team accelerates our ability to advance open-source compiler technology and enable portable, high-performance AI solutions across the AMD product portfolio. Nod.ai technologies are already widely deployed today in the cloud, at the edge and on a wide range of endpoint devices,” completed Vamsi Boppana, SVP of the AI Group at AMD.

It is unknown what amount the chipmaker intends to complete the acquisition. Once the acquisition is complete, the start-up’s employees will be given a new office within AMD’s AI Group. This group has around 1,500 engineers, and the chipmaker wants to add 300 more employees by the end of the year.