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Celonis acquires BPM software Symbio

Celonis acquires BPM software Symbio

Celonis announced at the Celosphere conference that it is buying Symbio, a provider of Business Process Management (BPM) software.

Celonis originally became big with process mining, which applies data analysis to find bottlenecks in business processes. Meanwhile, in addition to identifying inefficiencies, Celonis also allows action to be taken. Increasingly, the company describes its technology as an Execution Management System (EMS).

Soon, Symbio technology will be integrated into the EMS, with which Celonis aims to take process intelligence to the next level by combining process mining with BPM. “With Celonis and Symbio joining forces, we have made a huge leap towards providing our customers with an even richer class of process intelligence,” explains co-CEO Alex Rinke. “Customers will now be able to not only mine their processes to identify opportunities and capture value, but also design their processes with a modern, AI-assisted process modeling solution.”

More process intelligence

Celonis says newly designed and optimized processes will be available to all employees through the Symbio Navigator, integrated with Microsoft Teams. To reinforce this, Celonis and Symbio have collaborated on a new version of the Process Cockpit. In this way, they aim to support managers and employees in fully guided system and process transformation programs, while monitoring performance and adoption. The Process Cockpit is currently available as a beta on a limited basis.

Symbio previously received growth capital from Fortino Capital, an investment company from the Benelux. It is unknown how much Celonis is paying for Symbio.

Tip: Celonis provides students and teachers with online process mining tutorials