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OpenAI is adding new features to the GPT Store to make using the marketplace more appealing. It now supports user reviews and more comprehensive creator profiles.

OpenAI recently announced two new features for its GPT Store via social media platform X. The marketplace, where third parties and developers can offer their GPT-based chatbots, will now include user ratings.

Users of GPTs will soon be able to select the ‘Send feedback’ option via a dropdown menu under the name of the particular GPT in the upper left corner. They can then leave a rating via an interactive pop-up element that allows them to give a rating of one to five stars. There is also a text box that allows them to send an “optional private e-mail” to the creator and a checkbox where users can leave their e-mail address, if necessary.

Een schermafbeelding van een pagina met een paarse knop en een paarse ster.

More information about developers

In addition to the rating functionality, the GPT Store allows developers to provide more information about themselves. When users click on their name, a screen will open where developers can share additional information, such as links to a LinkedIn page, X account or website.

Een screenshot van de communicatie-app op een computerscherm.

This page also summarises the average rating the developer or his GPT has received and the total number of reviews released. Finally, the page shows the total number of “conversations” or interaction sessions conducted with the particular GPT.

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