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Apple appears to have acquired AI start-up DarwinAI. The company offers technology to optimize the manufacturing process, delivered through AR glasses.

With the acquisition of DarwinAI, Apple owns a company that can make the Vision Pro more suitable for business use. The Vision Pro is Apple’s technology glasses that deliver a mix of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). The glasses retail for $3,500, a high price for a device that gets good marks from reviewers only for entertainment.

Further development for business use

For business use, the general conclusion is that the Vision Pro needs to be further developed first. For that purpose, the acquisition of DarwinAI would be beneficial. This is because the company has a technology for AR glasses that companies can use to make the production process more efficient.

The start-up further has expertise in shrinking and accelerating AI models, which allows the company to elevate the iPhone’s AI features to the level of other smartphone models. Rumours that iOS 18 would integrate plenty of AI features were already around. This news gives those rumours greater credibility.

Acquisition not announced

Apple has not announced or confirmed the Deal. Bloomberg reported the acquisition based on sources involved in the business. Several DarwinAI employees are said to have already joined the Vision Pro team.

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