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Indian-based ManageEngine wants to double revenue in Benelux

Indian-based ManageEngine wants to double revenue in Benelux

Indian company ManageEngine, provider of a wide range of enterprise IT solutions, wants to gain a firmer foothold in Europe and the Benelux in particular. Its ambition for the next three years is to double its revenue in the Benelux. This region currently accounts for 15 percent of sales in the European Union, which must grow to 30 percent.

The company announced this ambition during an event for clients and partners last week in Amsterdam. ManageEngine wants to achieve its growth ambition by ‘strengthening our local presence and getting closer to our customers and partners’, according to its president Rajesh Ganesan. That the company means business is evidenced by the fact that the technical head for the region now lives in the Netherlands (the local ManageEngine office for the EU is in Utrecht).

Regional Head of Sales Sabarishwaran Jay (Saby to insiders) is also coming to the Netherlands if it is up to him. ‘I just have to convince my wife’, he laughed at the event. The only other European office is in the United Kingdom.

Comprehensive portfolio, developed in-house

The company, part of the Zoho Group, offers a comprehensive portfolio of IT solutions packed into seven verticals with over 50 products. These range from service desks and access management to endpoint security, analytics and app creation via low code.

ManageEngine has been around for some 26 years and prides itself on having developed all of its solutions in-house. It has not made acquisitions or otherwise bought up products or services. ‘Organic growth,’ as Jay calls it. “That’s coupled with tremendous loyalty from our employees. Many of them have been with ManageEngine for many years. They’ve grown with our products, so to speak, and our products with them.”

Regional Head of Sales Sabarishwaran Jay (l) and Regional Tech Lead Praveen Das Haridas

Contact through channel partners

Most of the 1,650 customers in the Benelux already using ManageEngine products are in logistics, education, healthcare and retail, the company said. Contact happens mainly through local, Dutch-speaking channel partners. The company uses that strategy worldwide: it counts 200 such partnerships.

In the Netherlands, the main partner is CBA Benelux, in Belgium Sertalink BV. According to regional director Arun Kumar, the company is looking for new staff ‘to support our customers and enable our partners to grow further.’ Therefore, the company wants to look specifically for local IT talent. Which incidentally, could possibly pose quite a challenge, according to recent research.

Global presence

ManageEngine is part of the Zoho Group. It is headquartered in Chennai, the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu, in southern India. The parent company, Zoho, offers a wide range of products and services, including e-mail services, office suites, video conferencing tools, billing software, and website building tools. The parent company has some 15,000 employees, most working in India. Revenue was about a billion dollars for 2023.

In addition to London and Utrecht, ManageEngine has offices in Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, China, the US, and Brazil, among others. It also has several more offices in India, including Mumbai and Delhi.

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