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Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff told Bloomberg that the organization intends to acquire more companies in the near future. In addition, Salesforce disclosed an ambitious revenue strategy and plans to further integrate previously acquired companies into its portfolio.

At a Q&A with Bloomberg during Salesforce’s Dreamforce 2022 conference, Benioff indicated that Salesforce remains eager to acquire companies of interest. The organization has acquired 60 companies so far and is always looking for more, Benioff said.

The Co-CEO indicated that Salesforce simultaneously wants to focus on integrating previously acquired companies into its own organization and product portfolio. These include Tableau’s and Slack’s employees and tools. Many new Slack integrations were announced during Dreamforce for the Salesforce 360 platform. Slack is in the middle of a major overhaul, as we covered in a comprehensive article.

€51.2 billion revenue by 2026

according to Bloomberg, Benioff made some ambitious statements about Salesforce’s revenue growth during a recent investor event. The organization aims for €51.2 billion ($50 billion) in sales and a profit margin of 25 percent by 2026. The planned revenue is twice as much as Salesforce’s current revenue.

Post-pandemic cuts

Over the past two years, the company has made large investments to leave the pandemic in a good state, the co-CEO further indicated. Hiring new employees was one of the key investment areas. At this time, however, recruitment and travel expenses have been put on the back burner. According to Benioff, all investments made during the pandemic are currently being ‘absorbed’ into the organization. Layoffs are not an issue for now, he noted.

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