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API from Belgian Luzmo writes down data insights in normal language

API from Belgian Luzmo writes down data insights in normal language

Luzmo wants more companies to harness the power of data. According to the Belgian organization, that opportunity should be there with the advent of AI. The company is launching an AI component that provides analysis in human language.

According to Luzmo, data-driven decisions should become a possibility for more organizations. To that end, the company believes in the power of AI. Many promises have already been made about improving and simplifying work processes through AI, but in reality, organizations are often still searching for concrete tools.

Luzmo, from Leuven, Belgium, is changing this and bringing an AI insights component to the market. The component can be integrated into tools and applications that companies use daily. AWS Redshift, Snowflake and SAP HANA have already been named.

Time-saving and easy to use

The company indicates that the component is a huge time saver. It bases that statement on a somewhat older study by Gartner (2022). It found that employees “lose” 2.5 hours daily searching for the right data.

The component is, in fact, a completely open API. The threshold for using the component should be low through the use of natural language processing. This method is known from AI tools such as ChatGPT and boils down to instructions and output in normal spoken language.

Linking private data

Using Luzmo has an advantage but also a possible security disadvantage. The advantage lies in the component providing insights based on corporate data. For companies that do not have data experts in-house, it gives important opportunities for business optimization that might otherwise be missed. “The result will be hyper-personalized insights that appear instantly, tailored to the context and goals of the person looking at the data. Data-driven insights when users need them, in the way they need them, but with the added context of why they need them,” said Karel Callens, CEO and co-founder of Luzmo.

However, the risk to the company’s security must also be taken into account. Indeed, Luzmo indicates that the component will learn from the data. To do so, the data will have to flow through Luzmo’s systems, which gives chances that sensitive company data will leak.

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