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A small Canadian exchange for cryptic currency has been closed down, after it claimed to have been hacked. The scholarship that bore the name MapleChange is accused by critics of cheating on people. On the stock exchange, 62 crypt currencies, including bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin, could be traded.

According to Coingecko, there were no gigantic sums of money in MapleChange. On his best day, $67,000 of cryptographic currency was traded. Yet there were some users, who now see their entire crypto exchange disappear. Details about the hack are scarce, but what is known is received by the community with frowned eyebrows.

Research in progress

MapleChange wrote on Twitter that a bug had been found, allowing some users to withdraw all the money from the stock market. We are currently in an in-depth investigation into this. We’re terribly sorry it has to end this way. Until the investigation is completed, we can’t repay anything.

Then other reports claimed that the company was trying to give money back, because nothing would have been stolen from a smaller cryptic currency. Bitcoin or litecoin could not be refunded because they were completely stolen. Despite the fact that it is not clear how much money is involved, some reports indicate that at least 913 bitcoins with a combined value of 5.85 million dollars have been stolen.

Exit scam?

Some critics argue that MapleChange has not been hacked at all, but that there is an exit scam. That’s when a company claims to have been hacked, but the founders simply stole the money and took the rushes. Crypto Coin Junky states that this kind of deception is very simple: create trust, collect as much currency as possible in one place and then leave with the money.

Victims of MapleChange have already started a group, Maplechanged, where they try to gather information about the scammer in order to find out the exact details. So far, the group has made a number of accusations, including against the founders of the stock exchange.

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