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Oracle makes Blockchain Platform safer and faster

Oracle makes Blockchain Platform safer and faster

Oracle today unveiled new improvements that it is implementing in the hope of encouraging companies around the world to switch to blockchain technology. The announcements focus primarily on helping users accelerate the development, integration and deployment of applications designed with blockchain in mind.

Frank Xiong, vice president responsible for the development of blockchain products at the tech giant, said Oracle’s work on business blockchain technology is designed to ensure that the platform has the capabilities that organizations need to build blockchain applications. With this new release, Oracle adds features to the Oracle Blockchain Platform.

Improving safety

Oracle mainly adds features that improve the security of blockchain products. The improvements are also aimed at increasing developer productivity, expanding DevOps capabilities and identity management functions. The latter is crucial to manage the many companies that carry out transactions on a blockchain network.

The Blockchain Platform also allows business customers to use their subscription to the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse cloud to track their blockchain transaction history. This, in turn, can help with analyses, which will ultimately enable them to find better integrations with other data sources.

The new version of the Oracle platform also offers an improved database that supports new searches. This makes it less complex for business users to collect information about the blockchain. It also allows new smart contracts to be based on query data.

For the developer

For developers, Oracle has also added more things. There are better programming interfaces for subscriptions, blockchain administration and configuration, network health monitoring and transaction tracking and many other statistics. These improved APIs should improve integration with existing tools.

The renewed Oracle Blockchain Platform also supports Hyperledger Fabric 1.3, a Linux Foundation project that enables even more new features. For example, chain code written in Java is possible, as well as support for private transactions in a subset of users. The addition of Java further helps the adoption of the blockchain, because this programming language is one of the most widely used by business users.

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