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Paessler has recently implemented a number of improved functionalities with the release of version 19.2.49 of its PRTG monitoring solution. For example, the existing PRTG Enterprise Console will be replaced by PRTG Desktop almost permanently.

With the release that has now been released, the network monitoring specialist wants to expand and improve its PTRG solution and solve problems that have been discovered here and there. The most important new functionality that has now been released is the full integration of the PRTG Desktop client into PRTG. The client was already available in beta for some time, but has now received its full release and can now be downloaded immediately.

The application allows end users to gain complete control over one or more PRTG installations via Windows and macOS systems. Within the client, the data of all used independent PRTG core servers are visible, even when the solution is hosted by Paessler.

Within the client, a tool shows whether PRTG detects problems within the networks of end users. In addition, server connections from the existing Enterprise Console can also be imported. PRTG Desktop has become the official successor of Enterprise Console, according to the supplier.

Improved sensor functionality

Besides the introduction of PRTG Desktop, the now released software release contains a lot of changes and improvements for the use. Important changes in the software are there for sensors that use the .NET framework. PRTG now requires that all devices using such sensors have .NET version 4.7.2 installed. Without this version, the use of these types of sensors will be limited.

More specifically for monitoring Synology devices, nine new statuses for the SNMP Synology Logical Disk sensor have now been added. This makes it possible to monitor all statuses of Synology RAID applications.

In order to monitor working processes within Windows, the Windows Process sensor now supports 64-bit processes and monitors those processes that consume more than 4GB of RAM.

In addition, PRTG now also has the functionality to distinguish between different sensors that monitor either HP Inc.’s products and sensors that monitor HPE’s products within network environments.

Other improvements

The latest release of PRTG also includes solutions for problems around sensors, security, server problems and the web interface. For Dutch end users, the Dutch language file has also been improved considerably. Especially by implementing more consistency in terminology, according to the monitoring specialist.

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