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Extreme Networks takes first steps towards an Intelligent Autonomous Network

Extreme Networks takes first steps towards an Intelligent Autonomous Network

During its annual user conference Extreme Connect in Nashville, USA, network specialist Extreme Networks took a first step towards the intelligent and fully automated autonomous or self-driving and self-healing network of the future. With Extreme Elements, end-users can gradually transform their existing networks into this network environment of the future.

According to the network specialist, companies and organisations today no longer want to have the network technology that restricts them in innovation. Increasingly, they want flexible solutions and applications that adapt their networks precisely to their own needs and for their own sector.

To meet these needs, Extreme Networks has launched its new network philosophy, Elements. Based on the Natural and Chemical Periodic System, the network supplier now offers a combination of hardware, software and services – building blocks – that offer companies and organisations real customisation in the area of networking. In addition, this combination can be specifically tailored to the vertical market in which it operates.

Step to autonomous networks and business environments

In addition, these building blocks are now fully integrated with human – in the form of the renowned customer support of the network vendor – and artificial intelligence, such as machine learning. This should ultimately enable the next-generation autonomous network and then, of course, the autonomous enterprise.

According to Extreme Networks, network architecture, automation and human intelligence come together in complete harmony within this fully automated business environment. Furthermore, the Elements solutions and applications are completely safe and support multi-vendor environments within an ecosystem of partners based on open standards.

Various building blocks

More specifically, Extreme Elements consists of parts of the network specialist’s well-known Smart OmniEdge, Automated Campus and Agile Data Center solutions. These hardware and software solutions are linked by various tools for analytics, automation, security and IoT solutions.

Important building blocks within the strategy include the well-known management and visibility network tool Extreme Management Center (XMC), the IOT security solution ExtremeAI Security, which was also launched this week, the network orchestration tool Extreme Workflow Composer, analytics tool Extreme Analytics and the IOT security application Defender for IoT, which was launched earlier this year.

Other elements of Extreme Elements include various software-based networking solutions and hardware applications such as next-generation x86 intelligent appliances, such as the ExtremeCloud Appliance, ExtremeSwitching X465 premium, a multi-rate gigabit Ethernet switch and the forthcoming ExtremeAccess platform that will offer new possibilities for the Fabric technology taken over from Avaya.

Extreme Elements is expected to be fully launched in the autumn of 2019.

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