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Data Science company DataRobot has acquired Paxata, a company that provides solutions for data preparation. Until now, DataRobot has left the data preparation part of the machine learning workflow to third parties, but now it will be part of the own portfolio.

Phil Gurbacki, Senior Vice President of product development and customer experience at DataRobot, told TechCrunch it was time to expand. Because the company had been focusing on machine learning for some time, it has looked for a number of data preparation providers in order to support a larger part of the machine learning process. The Paxata product, together with the knowledge and integration of the DataRobot platform, should become a unique and convincing proposition.

For Paxata, the deal is an easy way to quickly and dramatically increase their customer base, as all DataRobot customers need to find a way to manage their data, and an integrated solution takes work out of the users’ hands. The Paxata product will continue to exist as a separate solution as long as the acquisition process is ongoing. Ultimately, however, Paxata will be fully integrated into DataRobot.


DataRobot is probably best known for AutoML, which allows users to develop automated machine learning models. It is clear why the data preparation expertise of Paxata is a good match for this. DataRobot raised some 431 million dollars in investments (approximately 386.7 million euros) in order to explore its own investment or acquisition opportunities. It is not known for how much Paxata has been taken over, so whether DataRobot has any other plans for the future, and what those plans are, is yet to become clear.