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ServiceNow has announced that it has taken over the startup Loom Systems. This is an Israeli startup specializing in monitoring IT infrastructure.

Loom Systems has developed a solution called Sophie. Sophie makes it possible to monitor your IT infrastructure. By adding a layer of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Sophie determine exactly where a failure or problem occurs within the infrastructure. That’s probably what makes Loom Systems solution so popular.

Sophie collects all log and metric data from a company in one database. Then the AI engine goes through all those logs and if abnormal behaviour or problems are detected then this is reported to the administrator. Think for example of a server that does not function properly or has performance problems. The same goes for applications that are no longer responsive or have performance issues. The report generated by Sophie is written in plain English with tips on where to look. In addition, Sophie can show how similar problems have been solved in the past. It makes the life of the IT administrator a lot easier.

Among the clients of Loom Systems are the United Nations and Microsoft. The solution falls into the AIOps category which is growing rapidly. Recently, VMware took over Nyansa, which operates in the same category.

For ServiceNow, this solution fits perfectly into their IT Service Management business. To learn more about ServiceNow, read our article: No one knows what ServiceNow does or what it can do for you.