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Making use of the possibilities offered by AI, but at the same time applying a clear set of rules to prevent misuse. This is what the European Union hopes to meet with a comprehensive plan, with a focus on transparency.

The use of AI through, for example, facial recognition and data collection should comply with strict rules on transparency. In addition, according to the already leaked rules, there should always be a person at the top of the chain to oversee the AI.

European Commission

According to Margrethe Vestager (Executive Vice President of the European Commission, responsible for Europe’s digital age), for non-European companies that want to roll out their technology in the EU, this means that such parties may have to program the AI differently: this to comply with the rules on data collection in the EU.

However, the EU is helping such parties by spending more than 20 billion a year on building a foundation for AI developments in Europe. Part of that money would be made available for AI-devs that do comply with the rules.

Highlighting strict rules on data collection was not discussed for the first time this week in Brussels. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, also went into conversation with Verstager to indicate that regulation of media such as Facebook is desperately needed. According to him, the use of AI should also comply with strict rules, in order to gain the trust of the public.