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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) specialist Blue Prism and open-source specialist Red Hat have joined forces to create a platform that will bring RPA new functionality. This platform can then help replace human tasks and actions with automated processes.

Specifically, both parties will ensure that Red Hat combines its Process Automation Manager solution – a platform for container-based development of microservices and applications – with Blue Prism’s Digital Work RPA platform.

This combination should, according to both parties, deliver a solution that allows customers to leverage a better comprehensive automation strategy that leads to greater efficiency and improved ROI.

Automated business processes

According to the companies, customers can mainly use the solution to combine business process management (BPM) with RPA. This allows them to fully automate their entire business processes. This enables them to design, roll out, manage and monitor automated business processes more easily.

Not only can they execute ‘executable processes’, but they can also communicate with the running instances and monitor real-time data at the same time. This in order to monitor organisational efficiency. In addition, tasks can be assigned directly, for example tasks that link complex processes to external services.

Two uses

The now launched joint solution of Red Hat and Blue Prism can be used in two ways. In the first, the solution allows “digital workers” (bots of sorts) to perform complex tasks designed for physical workers by having Red Hat Process Automation Manager create a “dynamic task”. This task is then performed by a digital worker using the same web application that the human worker would use, including the unique log-in passwords.

Secondly, the digital workers can also automatically perform and accomplish tasks. In this option, the human tasks are replaced with a completely automated process. In this case, Red Hat Process Automation Manager transfers the necessary data to the digital worker to start and execute a task.

In both cases, the output from the automated task returns to Red Hat’s solution. This allows the entire process to continue, according to both specialists.

Continued collaboration with IBM

The partnership with Red Hat is a follow-up to the previously announced expansion of the partnership with Red Hat’s parent company IBM. For the integration of IBM Cloud Pak for Automation into Blue Prism’s cloud-based Digital Workforce platform. The Red Hat integration is now available through the RPA specialist’s Digital Exchange (DX) application store.