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IBM has launched several new solutions that use its Watson AI technology. The solutions should improve the various operations in data centers. These solutions were revealed during the annual Think Digital-event, but online this time.

Big Blue still sees its Watson AI technology as one of the pillars (along with cloud and quantum computing) to help companies take the burden off their IT. That’s why the tech giant states it still invests a lot in developing AI technology and related solutions and applications.

Improving IT infrastructure

IBM is launching a service within its Watson AI portfolio with IBM Watson AIOps to help administrators automate IT infrastructures. The reason is to make these infrastructures more resistant to possible interruptions and to save costs. The solution uses machine learning to detect, diagnose and resolve anomalies in an IT infrastructure in real-time.

The solution looks at all the log data of the IT systems and adds the collected information to a semantic layer. Within this layer, AI and ML models predict where problems will arise and how to solve them when they occur. Slack is used as the user interface. This makes it possible to connect to the various IT systems, as well as immediately notify colleagues about problems that have been solved prematurely.

Red Hat OpenShift

IBM Watson AIOps is built based on the latest release of the Red Hat OpenShift container orchestration platform. This allows IBM Watson AIOps to run in both hybrid cloud and on-premise environments. Also, the now released solution works with IT monitoring tools such as Mattermost and ServiceNow.

Other Watson Services

IBM has launched another system based on Watson AI technology, called the IBM Edge Application Manager. This is an automation management tool that can deploy and manage AI, analytics and IoT workloads across multiple locations in real-time. According to Big Blue, up to 10.000 edge nodes per administrator. The service focuses primarily on edge locations instead of data centers and enables customers to use the various possibilities of the cloud there as well.

IBM also announces that their new Watson Assistant for Citizens, launched as a result of the current corona crisis, is widely used. The free service helps call centers to process large numbers of questions about the coronavirus more easily and quickly. Currently, this service is used in 26 countries by both commercial and governmental organisations.