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DataRobot acquires AI platform from Boston Consulting Group

DataRobot acquires AI platform from Boston Consulting Group

Machine learning specialist DataRobot acquired the AI platform Source AI from the consultants of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). In addition, both parties will start working together more closely.

DataRobot creates software that allows developers to set up AI models without using code. The software automates the process of setting up AI models that enable customers to add even more value to their data. Through the interface, these models can be created using drag and drop.

End-users can simply upload the files they want to process, after which DataRobot searches for the best algorithms. Subsequently, the models developed with these algorithms can be placed in every application, giving end-users new analytics capabilities. As a result, this technology is available to more different users, according to DataRobot. With the addition of BCG’s AI platform Source AI, DataRobot wants to simplify the development of AI models.

Industrial-grade AI platforms

In addition, the AI specialist wants to reduce the number of unsuccessful attempts to implement AI within a business environment by using BCG’s consultants. According to DataRobot, currently, too few companies succeed in deploying good AI models based on machine learning to get more value out of their data.

Furthermore, the combination with BCG should lead to DataRobot being able to deliver its expertise in more business segments. Both parties want to develop ‘industrial grade’ AI platforms as part of their partnership. Data scientists, in particular, will be able to write restriction-free code that combines human and technical expertise.

Preventing blind spots

The choice for BCG’s Source AI platform is mainly because the consultants state that their platform prevents ‘blind spots’ within machine learning. These blind spots include lag time and the lack of highly detailed information, for example, in sales data. The Source AI platform uses signals such as internet traffic to make decisions. For example, demand for certain online products or services can often be an essential indicator of ‘real-life’ sales transactions.

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