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Apple’s Siri is under fire after a lawsuit was filed by the Chinese artificial intelligence company Shanghai Zhizhen Intelligence Network Technology, also known as Xiao-i. The lawsuit contends that Apple infringed on Xiao-i patents.

The company is asking for $1.4 billion (10 billion Yuan) in damages. They also demand that Apple stop manufacturing, using, promising to sell, selling, and importing any products that infringe on the patent. The demands of the lawsuit were posted on social media.

Interestingly, this is not the first time that they have gone head-to-head with Apple over patent infringement.

Siri might be infringing a Shanghai Zhizhen patent

The lawsuit, which was filed in a local Chinese court, argues that Apple’s voice-recognition technology used on Siri is an infringement of a patent that Xiao-i filed in 2004 and was granted in 2009.

Apple fired back in a statement, saying that Siri does not have features present in the Xiao-i patent. According to the iPhone manufacturer, the Xiao-i patent applies to functions related to instant messaging and games.

Apple added that independent appraisers from the Supreme People’s Court concluded that their company is not infringing on Xiao-i robot technology.

Apple released a statement

In the statement, Apple said they are disappointed that Xiao-i has filed another lawsuit. “We look forward to presenting the facts to the court,” Apple said in a statement. It added that they would continue to focus on delivering the best products and services to Apple customers worldwide. 

The new lawsuit is a continuation of a feud that has been ongoing for almost ten years now. Xiao-i first filed a lawsuit against Apple for patent infringement in 2012, regarding the voice-recognition technology issue.

In July 2020, China’s Supreme People’s Court made a ruling, declaring the patent valid. How this row plays out, will become more apparent with time.