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IBM building tool for low-code AI apps with Palantir

IBM building tool for low-code AI apps with Palantir

IBM has announced that it has partnered with Palantir Technologies to add AI techniques to its analytics tools. The techniques will become part of IBM Cloud Pak.

The new product will be called Palantir for IBM Cloud Pak. It is intended to help users build applications that incorporate IBM’s Watson AI and access data in different hybrid cloud environments. It is a combination of Palantir Foundry, a data integration and analysis platform, and IBM Cloud Pak for Data Services with IBM Watson. In order to better interoperate with IBM’s offerings, Palantir has promised to move to the Red Hat OpenShift platform.

According to IBM, the new product can help reduce the number of data silos and the technical expertise required to perform AI analysis, SiliconANGLE writes. The company adds that in this sense, it is a no-code or low-code platform for rolling out AI apps that can process data quickly and effectively.

Retail and healthcare

With its offering, IBM is primarily targeting retail, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare and telecom. Retailers, for example, can use the tools to analyse trends in supply and demand and healthcare can use it to bring together data silos to create a more manageable dataset for professionals to analyse.

Last November, IBM also added AI-related features to its Cloud Pak offering. It consisted of some low-code features to automate document processing, for example.


Palantir is an American company that specialises in data analysis. The company was founded in 2003 and now has a market value of almost 70 billion dollars. However, the value of the company increased by about 10 percent after the announcement of IBM’s collaboration.

Palantir for IBM Cloud Pak will be generally available from March.