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Pure Storage and Equinix announced a new partnership that will offer enterprises more control, speed, and flexibility when provisioning servers. Pure Storage and Equinix Metal is a joint bare metal as-a-service that the companies say can deliver physical infrastructure with speeds on par with software.

The platform gives enterprises embedded storage and on-demand procurement of compute and network resources. They come with hosting, physical support (via one vendor), deployment; all under one single contract.

It is designed to support several processes in the enterprise cloud journey. It includes legacy on-premises apps, high volume data-driven apps, and cloud-native and next-gen apps, according to the companies’ statement.

Pure Storage’s objectives

In the platform, Pure Storage has included several of its crucial data services and features. It has included its Kubernetes data services platform (Portworx) alongside FlashBlade and FlashArray

The Equinix partnership and other recent moves by Pure Storage, seem to indicate that the company is pushing more into the multi-cloud data services market, bringing along integrated storage gear and software.

Enterprise needs to have full control over the environment. However, they do not want to be in a data center or be forced to go into traditional cloud models. Enterprises want a cloud model that is flexible enough to fit their business.

Equinix’s value

Jack Hogan, VP of Technology Strategy for Pure Storage, says that the partnership with Equinix helps them eliminate management complexity and deliver flexibility and control that allows organizations to be in charge of what their tech platforms do for their objectives.

Equinix is a data center operator that has been working to expand its data center and cloud exchange footprint, among its other services.

Equinix brings digital infrastructure and is organized to be like a real estate investment trust. However, the company has expanded into platform and software markets, by launching Equinix Metal, Equinix Fabric, and Equinix Network Edge.

Tip: Data virtualization is the new goal of Pure Storage