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As part of the Oracle Live continued virtual events series yesterday morning, the Austin, Texas based database and enterprise analytics giant is announcing new and recent features to its cloud-based business intelligence product, Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC).

OAC was announced two years ago and is a cloudified offering of Oracle’s entire business intelligence portfolio. Its cousins, Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) and Oracle Analytics for Fusion Applications (OAX) offer on-premises and application-based platforms, with OAC as the standalone, cloud-based offering. The platform gets periodic updates, which are meant to compete with similar products and offer better services.

A periodic update

Oracle’s T.K. Anand, Senior Veep for Analytics, and Joe Fitts, Veep of Analytics Product Strategy, explained that OAC, like other cloud platforms, has a steady stream of new features released, rather than big releases.

Even so, the company likes to announce features explicitly, periodically. They come alongside other features in the current calendar month and those which will be introduced later.

The recent update is one of the periodic batches and is tied to bringing enterprise, self-service, and augmented analytics (including automated machine learning) together.

What is new?

In addition, the next few months will see the addition of components in the OAC platform. For instance, there will be a user interface refresh based on Oracle’s ‘Redwood’ designs. The new user-oriented features include:

  • Oracle Analytics Mobile
  • An infographics/data stories feature

The features added for technical users include:

  • Automated Data Preparation
  • A Data Flow feature
  • ML Explainability
  • Graph Analytics
  • Text Analytics
  • Affinity Analysis
  • Custom Map Analytics

Oracle has been focusing on revamping analytics offerings for a couple of years now. It may appeal to existing Oracle customers using its apps, database, and cloud, as they try to compete against Tableaus and Power BIs.