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Informatica is building an impressive data management-as-a-service portfolio that now includes its Cloud Data Governance and Catalog. The offering is a relaunch of a bundle of older services that have been renovated into a unified cloud-native offering.

The offering combines data catalog and governance, capabilities that formerly worked as integrations offered separately. Now, they are offered as a converged offering that is built under a modern microservices architecture.

The Cloud Data Governance and Catalog service rewrite the existing capabilities and services that Informatica offered under its Enterprise Data Catalog and Axon tools, with new key capabilities on top.


For this relaunch of the unified offering, Informatica incorporated tools like its business glossary, which began as a standalone project. Now, it can be found in the business metadata.

Informatica did not just refactor from monolithic software to microservices, it also integrated technical and business metadata better, to deliver them on the same dashboard, complete with linkages where apropos are established.

Data discovery and data governance are now available under the same offering. If a user searches the term ‘customer’ for instance, they can click to view the associated data model and lineage details, assign governance workflows for it and check data consumption.

Expanding the scope

Even though these functions we’ve described were possible before the new offering, they were separate apps on-premises, or separate from Informatica Cloud. Other changes include the convergence of the previously separate search screens.

Informatica says the offering comes with a new feature that it calls ‘natural language-like querying’ to enable searches for related assets and build queries created in context with business terms.

Informatica’s offering is not billed as a replacement for what data architects, engineers, and stewards already use, but as a collaboration point for said users.