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Microsoft has acquired Suplari, a Seattle-based vendor that supplies ‘spend intelligence’ information for managing supplier spending.

The terms of the deal have not been disclosed yet. Microsoft announced the deal on Wednesday and said it plans to combine the Suplari Spend Intelligence Cloud with its own Dynamics 365, its ERP/CRM offering, which already has other ‘insight’ modules integrated.

Suplari helps companies transform data from purchase orders, expenses, invoices, contracts, and more into actionable insights a business can use in decision making or keep track of spending.

Financial decisions on the line

Microsoft said in a blog post that combined with Dynamics 365, the Suplari Spend Intelligence Cloud will enable customers to have more financial visibility by leveraging AI in automating the analysis of current data and historical patterns.

The data analyzed can come from multiple sources to help users understand the best financial decisions to make moving forward.

Microsoft does not plan to take Suplari off the market first or rebrand. The current customers will continue using the service as they have been, without changes.

An exciting partnership

CEO Nikesh Parekh took to the company’s blog page to share the news. The press release said that the company now manages more than $180 billion in spending across millions of transactions per month for multinational corporations.

Microsoft and Suplari have been discussing a partnership for years. It has finally come true due to Microsoft’s investments in AI and Azure Cloud, which will pair well with the purpose and technology Suplari brings.

The CEO cited AI, cloud, and data investments as the primary drivers of the next generation of innovations by his company and promised to continue delivering the same great service, with more experiences to come.