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Tableau’s newest release helps organizations scale up data analytics

Tableau’s newest release helps organizations scale up data analytics

Tableau, now owned by Salesforce, is adding new capabilities to its platform to help companies better scale up their data analytics operations. The company is calling Tableau 2021.3 a major new release meant to help organizations manage the ‘data chaos’ present in today’s world. It should also ensure superior data governance as organizations expand operations.

There are several new features designed to help analytics scale with enterprise demand. The company added that scaling up data analytics has proven to be a challenge for most organizations, citing data from McKinsey.

Companies need to have data analysis capabilities

The data cited from McKinsey shows that 92% of companies have failed when it comes to data analytics. Those companies need to up their game because a separate Gartner study forecasts that 80% of firms wishing to scale up their digital business through 2025 will fail to do so due to taking a more antiquated approach to data analytics and governance.

New features meant to help companies meet these challenges head-on include Linked Tasks in Tableau Prep, the company’s preparation tool, which aids in reducing server overhead and load automatically, with Prep Conductor helping to create rows and map trends in data.

What about governance?

On this front, Tableau gains new alert features to help the user maintain data quality. A notification is sent when any potential issues arise, giving users more visibility into problems and their sources. The release also brings centralized row-level security features for more flexibility and data segmentation.

Tableau admins can now centrally configure the users and groups with access to specific pieces of data. The company said that the new data prep, catalog features, and subscription plans will be available in the Tableau 2021.3 release later this month, with other new capabilities slated for arrival after that.