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Hewlett Packard Enterprise recently expanded its GreenLake product portfolio to incorporate cloud-based analytic and data protection services. The organization unveiled its plans for the HPE Backup and Recovery Service for VMware, enabling enterprises to back up their virtual machines to the cloud without purchasing any hardware.

HPE’s GreenLake portfolio upgrade and what it entails

Counted among the GreenLake product line are datacenter hardware that organizations can purchase on a pay-as-you-go basis rather than buying it all at once. In addition, it also includes a line of cloud services, which is the component meant for expansion.

If the data hosted on the company’s infrastructure becomes corrupted or breached, the HPE backup service will allow the administrators to restore it through a backup copy. Organizations can also use this service as a record-keeping data retention tool to archive their data. This service is also helpful in optimizing storage infrastructure and reduces data storage costs.

Introduction of HPE Ezmeral for improved data analytics

HPE also introduced two additional cloud services for data analytics projects. HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics has been dubbed a revolutionary addition to data analytics to support multiple data processing initiatives. Alongside this service is the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Object Store, an object storage service for companies to store the analytical data they process for their endeavours.

Similar ventures for product enhancement

In line with this announcement, the organization also announced that the HPE Ezmeral Marketplace will now include software from multiple vendors like Nvidia, Confluent., and PepperData, in conjunction with open-source projects.

GreenLake wasn’t the sole focus of HPE’s recent announcements. They also disclosed the upgrade of their InfoSight service, which assists in fixing infrastructure and troubleshooting issues. In addition, the company is also upgrading its CloudPhysics service to help companies optimize their IT procurement.

The organization is enhancing its software services across the board in a move aimed towards increasing its revenue.