AI, quantum threats, and the evolution of securing the endpoint at HP (Ian Pratt, HP)

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AI, quantum threats, and the evolution of securing the endpoint at HP (Ian Pratt, HP)

This week’s episode of Techzine Talks on Tour was recorded several months ago. At the HP Amplify Partner Conference in Las Vegas we sat down with Ian Pratt, Global Head of Security for Personal Systems at HP, to talk about the changes and challenges in that department.

One of the key differentiators HP PCs bring to bear is the so-called Endpoint Security Controller, or ESC. We discuss the role of this piece of custom silicon in some detail. In addition, we also focus on the more general role endpoints like the ones HP manufactures and sells play in the security stack as a whole. It’s a rather complex stack in 2024. Even a big company like HP has to collaborate with the likes of Intel and AMD to improve security of its devices.

How do you secure the endpoint?

Just to be sure, and perhaps state the obvious, protecting endpoints is very important. Over 70% of breaches start at the endpoint. HP has a big responsibility to make sure these are as secure as possible. It does this not only by means of innovations in hardware, also software and services play an important role in this. In our discussion with Pratt, we’ll also touch on the importance of platform-based security approaches like XDR and the rising threat of sophisticated phishing attacks generated by AI.

What about the role of quantum in securing endpoints?

The next part of our conversation deals with the future of cybersecurity. That is cybersecurity in a quantum computing world. Together with Pratt, we explore the steps HP is taking to ensure PCs are quantum-resistant. It’s important to understand the risks posed by quantum computers to traditional cryptographic signatures and discuss the implementation of new, robust algorithms. Pratt offers insights into preparing for this next leap in technology, including how organizations can transition to quantum-resistant cryptography and meet emerging governmental mandates. 

Tune in now for what we think is a very interesting discussion about the role of the endpoint in cyber security.

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