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How to bring AI into your business (Jayesh Govindarajan, Salesforce)

How to bring AI into your business (Jayesh Govindarajan, Salesforce)

Unlock the secrets of integrating AI in enterprise organisations with Jayesh Govindarajan, the SVP AI at Salesforce. Many organizations are challenged how to fit genAI into their business. Salesforce is helping its customers by offering many integrated genAI features, but it also gives its customers the power to build their own AI features.

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Govindarjan takes us behind the scenes of Salesforce’s AI journey, revealing the complex innovation of embedding AI features that elevate the user experience. We talk about AI deployment, the pivotal role of contextual data, and why developers are turning into prompt engineers to exploit the vast capabilities of large language models. We also discuss the role of the CoPilot chatbot, which is something that many users don’t favor. How does Salesforce expect chatbots to become more popular?

Salesforce created many AI-ready features on its platform. Copilot plays a significant role, but there are also many AI-specific features that can be activated by a click of a button. For example, an auto-generated reply on a support ticket. Users on the platform also have the option to use Copilot at any given moment. 

Organizations that want to use their own models or build their own AI features can use the new Einstein1 Studio. Salesforce also launched the prompt builder, which helps users build effective prompts in many ways, which can be really hard. According to Govindarjan, they have made a lot of progress in making prompt engineering a lot easier. 

Salesforce is one of the companies that already made huge steps in AI, but it believes it’s only at step one or two of a ten step journey. 

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