The best architecture for the AI Economy uses private and public AI (Mike Beckley, Appian)

The best architecture for the AI Economy uses private and public AI (Mike Beckley, Appian)

This brand new episode of Techzine Talks on Tour features a discussion with Mike Beckley, the CTO of Appian. Beckley’s company has a very clear and in general common sense approach to AI. Preparing your company for the AI Economy isn’t necessarily hard, he argues. The key components are all available. You just need to implement them correctly.

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During our conversation with Beckley, we talk about how real the AI Economy is already. More importantly, though, we discuss what is needed for organizations to be part of it. 

Appian plays an interesting role in this process. A champion of what it calls private AI, the company also recognizes that public AI has merit in several use-cases. So companies like Appian work hard on tying the two ‘types’ of AI together. Something along the lines of the collaboration agreement that Appian has with AWS (Amazon Bedrock, to be precise) is where the AI industry as a whole gravitates towards. 

Another topic in the AI discussion is how you ensure that data is being made available to workloads that utilize it. In other words, how do companies get their data foundation in order? Some sort of data fabric (or something along those lines) is part of the solution, Beckley argues.

Finally, Appian itself also needs to change its internal architecture to a certain extent in order to keep up with AI advances in general. We conclude our conversation with Beckley by talking about EPEx, or Elastic Process Execution. That should give significant performance improvements to Appian’s own processes.

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