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For this first ever episode of Techzine Talks on Tour, we sat down with Murli Thirumale, co-founder of Portworx and General Manager of the Cloud Native Business Unit at Pure Storage, which acquired Portworx some years back. The result is a fourty-minute deep-dive into data and storage trends in Kubernetes and cloud-native in general.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the topic of platform engineering. That is something we discuss quite thoroughly in this episode, which was recorded during the most recent edition of KubeCon + CloudNativeCon in Paris. As the co-founder of Portworx, Murli has a lot of stories to tell about platform engineering, as that is a large part of what Portworx offers and promises the market: a platform that takes away most of the complexity around data and storage for cloud-native workloads.

Portrait of a smiling middle-aged man in a red sweater with arms crossed, against a dark gray background.
Murli Thirumale, Portworx co-founder and GM, Cloud Native Business Unit at Pure Storage

We don’t talk about Portworx alone, by the way. On the contrary, we talk about many much more general topics that have to do with platform engineering, but also with VM replacement. With what’s been going on at VMware lately, Murli sees a clear move away from VMs. How does that work, and is that something that every company can and should do?

Of course, every discussion nowadays, irrespective of the topic, somehow involves AI. This particular conversation with Murli Thirumale is no exception, even though we always like to keep things practical when it comes to AI. In the area of data and storage, we talk about AI’s impact on this in relation to Kubernetes. 

All in all, this first episode of Techzine Talks on Tour gives a very good overview of what’s happening in the world of data and storage in modern cloud-native environments. 

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Techzine Talks on Tour is a podcast series that Coen and Sander record while attending events all over the world. A spin-off of the successful Dutch series Techzine Talks, this new English series aims to reach new audiences. The goal is to publish a fresh episode at least every two weeks, with an increase in frequency around specific larger events with more recordings.

Techzine Talks On Tour covers a huge range of topics, as Coen and Sander attend a total of 50 to 60 events each year. Events ranging from open-source affairs like KubeCon to conferences hosted by Cisco, IBM, Salesforce and ServiceNow, to name only a few. With a lot of experience in many walks of IT life, Coen and Sander always manage to produce an engaging, in-depth discussion on general trends, but also on the underlying technology itself.

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