Kubernetes: maturity, challenges and the impact of AI (Shaun O’Meara, Mirantis)

Kubernetes: maturity, challenges and the impact of AI (Shaun O’Meara, Mirantis)

For this new episode of Techzine Talks on Tour, we sat down with Shaun O’Meara, CTO at Mirantis. We discussed the state of Kubernetes, its challenges, maturity and what the impact of AI is on it.

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How will AI revolutionize Kubernetes and cloud-native development? In our latest episode, we uncover the transformative power of AI, particularly in infrastructure management and machine learning. Recorded live at KubeCon Europe, the episode kicks off with an exploration of how AI is reshaping Kubernetes, making this complex system more accessible and efficient. We also highlight some groundbreaking open-source contributions that are driving these changes, giving you a front-row seat to the future of IT infrastructure.

Ever wondered what it takes to build a robust Kubernetes platform? We dive into the nitty-gritty of platform engineering, breaking down what it means to create a valuable, secure, and efficient environment for developers. Discover how adding supportive components and development acceleration tools can make a world of difference. Listen as we discuss the progress Kubernetes has made towards becoming as ubiquitous as Linux and the balanced approach that Mirantis employs to keep platform engineering both opinionated and flexible, focusing on lifecycle management and mature project curation.

What does the future hold for IT infrastructure and AI integration? We explore emerging trends, from VM replacement to the rise of edge computing. Hear our insights on the strategic considerations organizations must weigh to modernize their digital infrastructure without losing control. As AI continues to evolve, we’ll discuss its growing role at the edge and the revolutionary impact of GPUs, all while highlighting the broader implications for various sectors. Tune in for a comprehensive and thought-provoking discussion on the current and future landscape of AI and Kubernetes.

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