The tables are turning in favor of the defenders in cybersecurity (Jeetu Patel, Cisco)

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The tables are turning in favor of the defenders in cybersecurity (Jeetu Patel, Cisco)

For this new episode of Techzine Talks on Tour we sat down with Jeetu Patel, EVP of Collaboration and Security at Cisco at RSA Conference earlier this month. He has a rather positive outlook on the ongoing war organizations wage with attackers. We discuss why that is in this deep-dive into security architecture and infrastructure.

According to Patel, we live in an era of abundance, also when it comes to modernizing security infrastructure. With adversaries growing increasingly sophisticated, he explains why a cutting-edge overhaul of security infrastructure is not just necessary but urgent. However, it’s also possible now. All of the components necessary for this overhaul are present. AI is an important part of this, but there is so much more that plays a role. We now have hardware acceleration, self-qualified patching and eBPF at our disposal. These components make it possible to significantly fortify the security infrastructure, according to him.

2024 is going to be a huge year for cybersecurity in general, and Cisco in particular, according to Patel. Listen to this episode of Techzine Talks on Tour now to learn all about why that is.

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